Finca KOA Coffee

Get freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your doorstep and enjoy the taste of Nicaragua in every cup. Choose your preferred delivery schedule to ensure you never run out of coffee. Plus, enjoy exclusive subscriber-only discounts and offers.
Caturra Washed - Finca KOASub_-_Caturra_Washed_FincaKOA

Caturra Washed

Caturra Honey - Finca KOASub_-_Caturra_Honey__FincaKOA

Caturra Honey

Caturra Natural - Finca KOASub_-_Caturra_Natural_FincaKOA

Caturra Natural

Maracaturra Washed - Finca KOASub_-_Mara_Washed_FincaKOA

Maracaturra Washed

Maracaturra Honey - Finca KOASub_-_Mara_Honey_FincaKOA

Maracaturra Honey

Maracaturra Natural - Finca KOASub_-_Mara_Natural_FincaKOA

Maracaturra Natural

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FAQ Subscriptions

What are the benefits of the subscription?

At Finca KOA we want to be with you every morning and with our subscriptions we can make that happen. Your subscription guarantees a discounted price, priority in shipments, special edition releases and special surprises from time to time.

How do I subscribe?

In order to subscribe you can click on our "SHOP" tab from our home menu and choose "SUBSCRIPTION". You will be able to choose your favorite coffee. You can also send an email to if you need support.

How do I edit my subscription?

You can send an email to with the request to change your subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please email us at requesting cancellation at least 7 days before your next ship date.