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Finca KOA



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Farm Direct - Finca KOA

FINCA KOA was born with the intention of wanting to do things differently in the coffee industry and in the tradition that we had to learn. Doing things differently is something that represents the DNA of the brand and of all of us who are part of it. In 2017 our own farm was acquired. The name FINCA KOA is a tribute to the surnames that have been dedicated to coffee for generations and inherited us that love of coffee that represents us.

Why Light-medium roast?

There is nothing better for a coffee of origin like ours than a Light-Medium roasting, because it makes it have a better performance in your cup of coffee, it will highlight its aromas, nuances and flavors in which we work so hard. If you require a different type of treatment, please contact us at

For your knowledge, we roast everything in Florida to guarantee freshness in every purchase.


  • Variety: Arabica - Maracaturra
  • Processing: Honey
  • Tasting notes: Tangerine acidity, spices, citrus notes.

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